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Custom Lighting Solutions

Lighting is everything: A well designed lighting system can set a mood, increase productivity, improve morale, and transform an ordinary retail space into something spectacular. At HX Lighting we are committed to providing our customers with exceptional lighting systems using only the highest quality components. HX Lighting offers an unmatched selection of incandescent, fluorescent and LED light sources and fixtures for both indoor and outdoor applications. Choice, convenience, quality and service are the hallmarks of HX Lighting.

Efficiency Without Compromise: Lighting systems account for up to 39% of energy usage in office settings, 61% in retail settings, and up to 80% warehouse applications. Recent breakthroughs in lighting technology have led to substantial improvements in the efficiency of tubes and bulbs, but these improvements have often come at the expense of lighting quality. Our exclusive EcoHX™ LED and Fluorescent products are engineered to provide optimal energy efficiency while maintaining or improving the quality of light. For many customers, simply replacing existing bulbs and tubes with EcoHX™ products will dramatically improve lighting quality and provide significant reductions in energy costs.

HX Lighting offers fixture replacement and retrofit kits to upgrade older, less efficient systems. EcoHX™ fixture upgrades provide even greater improvements in lighting quality and efficiency than simple bulb and tube replacement. EcoHX™ upgrade/replacement customers often lower energy consumption by 30-70% compared to their old lighting systems. This can reduce energy costs by thousands of dollars every year. EcoHX™ fixtures are also designed to be more reliable and easier to maintain than legacy lighting system, resulting in significantly lower maintenance costs.

We Make It Easy: We offer free, no-obligation lighting evaluations. We will assess your current lighting system and make recommendations to improve the quality and efficiency of your lighting. We provide service and support for all of our products. We have up-to-date product information and application notes to help you make smart, informed buying decisions. Our team of lighting experts is available to answer your questions and to offer innovative solutions.

Customer satisfaction is our goal! We offer same-day shipping on orders processed before 2:00 pm. We track all orders and take full responsibility for your order until it arrives at your place of business.